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The first in-depth look at one of today's fastest rising stars! Natalie Portman is only 20 years old, but already she has co-starred in nine motion pictures with everyone from Woody Allen to Al Pacino to Julia Roberts. Critics in the know consider her the best young actress in America. Dickerson's engaging biography examines the charm and wit of Portman's professional persona, while revealing the emotional life of the real Portman. From her relationship with her successful - and demanding - parents, to her modeling career and her early acting roles, from her life at Harvard to her breathtaking performance in Star Wars, Dickerson illuminates Portman's influences and ambitious dreams. The biography discusses Natalie's long relationship with Britney Spears and their parallel, albeit drastically different, careers. It also goes behind-the-scenes of Natalie's successes - Star Wars, The Professional - and her failures - the screen kiss with Leonardo DiCaprio that caused producers to drop her from the cast of Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet. Dickerson speaks with Portman's Harvard classmates, revealing the intrigue that surrounded her arrival at the prestigious university. The intimate details of Natalie Portman's life have always been closely guarded secrets. Dickerson also delves into her personal life and tells the story that, until now, has not been told.

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